[1]The server must not require any state that may be lost due to a crash, to function correctly.
[2]Testing using the 4.4BSD MFS [McKusick90] resulted in slightly degraded performance, probably since the machines only had 16Mbytes of memory, and so paging increased.
[3]Long fat networks refer to network interconnections with a Bandwidth X RTT product > 105 bits.
[4]It exposed two bugs in the 4.4BSD networking, one a problem in the Lance chip driver for the DECstation and the other a TCP window sizing problem that I was not able to isolate.
\(mo NFS is believed to be a trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.
** Prestoserve is a trademark of Legato Systems, Inc.
§ MIPS is a trademark of Silicon Graphics, Inc.
** DECstation, MicroVAXII and Ultrix are trademarks of Digital Equipment Corp.
*** Unix is a trademark of Novell, Inc.